Barium Nitrate

Molecular formula: Ba(NO3)2
Molecular weight:261.35

Physical and chemical properties:
Colorless crystalline or white crystalline powder. slightly hygroscopic. decompose when above the melting point. soluble in water, extremely slightly soluble in ethanol and acetone, almost insoluble in concentrated acid. hydrochloric acid and nitric acid can reduce their water solubility. density 3.24g/cm3. melting point about 590°C. refraction 1.572. Strong oxidation. medium toxic, half lethal dose (rat, oral)355 mg/kg.

The characterization of sulfuric acid and chromic acid. Balato is a denser explosive consisting of barium nitrate, TNT and adhesives. the flash powder obtained from the mixing of aluminum powder and barium nitrate is explosive. Barium nitrate and aluminum hot agent can be mixed to obtain TH3 type aluminum hot agent for hand grenade (aluminum hot hand grenade). Barium nitrate is also used in the production of barium oxide, vacuum tube industry and the manufacture of green fireworks.

Specification: GB/T 1613-2008

ItemCatalyst gradeIndustrial grade
Barium Nitrate (Ba(NO3)2 based  dry basis) ≥98.398.0
Moisture %                  ≤0.030.05
Water insoluble %                        ≤0.050.10
Ferric(Fe) %                     ≤0.0010.003
Chloride(BaCl2) %                ≤0.05
pH value(10g/L solution)5.5~8.0
Barium Nitrate