Bismuth Nitrate

Molecular formula: Bi(NO3)2•5H2O
Molecular weight:485.07

Physical and chemical properties:
Colorless crystal, deliquescent. It smells like nitric acid. relative density 2.83, melting point 30°C. Lost all crystalline water at 80°C. In case of water easy to precipitate basic salt deep lake. Soluble in dilute acid, glycerin, acetone, insoluble in ethanol and ethyl acetate. Oxidation. Contact with combustibles can cause fire. irritating to the skin.

Applications and Usages:Used as analytical reagents, catalysts, production of other bismuth salts, and also for the production of imaging tubes and luminescent paints.

Specification: HG/T5273-2017

ItemCatalyst GradeIndustrial Grade
Bismuth Nitrate (Bi(NO3)2·5H2O)%          ≥99.099.0
Nitric acid insoluble %                  ≤0.0020.005
Chloride( Cl ) %                      ≤0.0010.005
Sulphate( SO4 )%                       ≤0.0050.01
Ferric( Fe )%                         ≤0.00050.001
Cupric(Cu)%                 ≤0.0010.003
Arsenic(As)%                 ≤0.00050.01
Plumbum(Pb)%                 ≤0.0050.01
Bismuth Nitrate