Cadmium Nitrate Tetrahydrate

Molecular formula: Cd (NO3)2•4H2O
Molecular weight:308.47

Physical and chemical properties: White crystal. Easy moisture. relative density 2.455, melting point 59.4°C, boiling point 132°C. Soluble in water and ethanol: the solution is acidic. insoluble in nitric acid. Oxidation. Burning or exploding after mixing with organic matter. inhaled or in contact with the skin harmful.

Applications and Usages: Used as analytical reagent, such as precipitate enriched Cd2 to form precipitated substances. It is also used in fireworks, matches, explosives, electronics, instrumentation and metallurgical industries and in the preparation of cadmium salts.

Specification: GB/T 1284-1977

ItemCatalyst gradeIndustrial grade
Cd(NO3)2·4H2O %                ≥98.598
Ferric ( Fe ) %                      ≤0.0050.01
Copper ( Cu ) %                      ≤0.0030.01
Zinc ( Zn ) %                        ≤0.0050.01
Plumbum ( Pb ) %                    ≤0.010.02
Chloride( Cl ) %                     ≤0.0010.01
Sulfate( SO4 ) %                  ≤0.0030.01
Water insoluble %                   ≤0.010.02
Cadmium Nitrate Tetrahydrate

Packing:In 25 kg/bag, plastic woven bag or according to customer’s requirements.