Lithium Nitrate

Molecular formula: LiNO3
Molecular weight: 68.95
Physical and chemical properties:
Colorless crystal, easy to absorb moisture, soluble in water, soluble in ethanol, oxidizing, friction with organic matter or impact can cause combustion or explosion, have irritation.
Relative Density:2.38. Melting Point:264℃. Boiling Point:600℃. Flash Point:600℃. Water Solubility:90g/L (28℃).

Applications and Usages:
Used in ceramic industry, fireworks, heat exchange carrier, molten salt bath, rocket propellant, freezer, analytical reagent, fluorescent body and lithium salt manufacturing.

Specification: Q/XYLH005-2019

ItemCatalyst GradeIndustrial Grade
LiNO3 %            ≥98.098.0
Chloride (Cl) %      ≤0.010.02
Sulphate (SO4 ) %   ≤0.20.5
Ferrum (Fe) %      ≤0.0020.01
Lithium Nitrate