Manganese(Ⅱ)nitrate,50% solution

Molecular Formula: Mn(NO3)2
Molecular Weight: 178.95
Physicochemical Properties: Orange transparent liquid, a little acid. It is able to dissolve in water and alcohol, decompose into manganese dioxide and nitrogen oxide when heated. It has oxidizing, toxicity. It is harmful to breathe.
Applications and Usages: used as analytical reagent, oxidizer and produce electronic element.
Product Specification: HG/T 3817-2006

ndexesCatalyst GradeIndustrial Grade
Mn(NO3)2%                             ≥49.0-51.049.0-51.0
Water insoluble %                     ≤0.010.05
Chloride(Cl) %                       ≤0.0020.05
Sulfate(SO4)%                         ≤0.040.05
Ferrum(Fe)%                          ≤0.0020.02
AppearanceOrange transparent liquidOrange transparent liquid

Packaging:40kg plastic pail or 1000kg /Intermediate Bulk Container or demand according to the customer.