Potassium Nitrate

Molecular Formula: KNO3
Molecular Weight: 101.10
Physical and chemical properties:
Potassium Nitrate is colorless crystal or white powder, easy in moisture. Specific Density: 2.11, Melting Point: 330℃. It is easily soluble in the water, and able to dissolve in alcohol and glycerin, but insoluble in anhydrous alcohol. As strong oxidizer, it will burn or explode when mixing with organics.
Applications and Usages: It is mainly used as refrigerant, such as oxidant, helped solvents. It is used in synthesization of potassium, making the gunpowder, match and glass. Still used in the production of picture tube and electroplate industry.

Product Specification: GB 1918-2011

ItemChemically Pure(CP)Molten Salt GradeIndustrial Grade
KNO3 %                        ≥99.099.4 based on dry basis99.0 based on dry basis
Humidity%                      ≤0.200.30
Water insoluble                  ≤0.0040.020.05
Chloride(Cl) %                   ≤0.0030.020.10
Carbonate(based onK2CO3)w/% ≤0.01
Ferric (Fe) %                    ≤0.003  
Moisture absorption w/%          ≤ 0.30
AppearanceWhite crystalWhite crystalWhite crystal

Packing: 25kg/bag, plastic woven bag, or according customer’s requirements.