Sodium Nitrate

Molecular Formula: NaNO3
Molecular Weight: 85.00
Physical and chemical properties: colorless transparent crystallization or white powder , Specific Density: 2.26, Melting Point: 308℃.It’s easily dissolved in water and slightly soluble in methanol and glycerin. It has oxidizing property. It will explode once in contact with easy combustion things. It has pungency to skin and respiratory system.
Applications and Usages:
Make potassium nitrate,dynamite, bitter taste acid and other nitrate,work glass also available disappearing steeps the agent and decolorant, enamel industry’s help flux, the tobacco combustion-supporting agent, metal washes an agent and compounds the blueing agent of ferrous metal, aluminium alloy heat treatment and six-zone-pass caustic soda decolorant, are used as fertilizer on the agriculture.

Product Specification: GB/T 4553-2016

ItemChemically Pure(CP)Molten salt GradeIndustrial Grade
Sodium Nitrate(NaNO3 based on dry basis) %  ≥99.0%99.398.0
Sodium nitrate(NaNO2) %               ≤0.020.10
Chloride (NaCl) %                     ≤0.20
Sodium carbonate(NaCO3)based on dry basis %  ≤0.10
Water Insoluble %                     ≤0.0040.06 
Moisture%                             ≤1.82.0
Magnesium(Mg)%                      ≤0.0050.03
Calcium(Ca)%                        ≤ [LHB1] 0.0050.03
Ferrum (Fe)%                          ≤ 0.0001
AppearanceWhite crystalWhite crystalWhite crystal

Packing: 50 kg /bag, plastic woven bag or according customer’s requirements.