Strontium Nitrate

Molecular formula: Sr (NO3)2
Molecular weight:211.63
Physical and chemical properties: White crystalline or powder. crystalline water containing 4 molecules when crystallized at low temperature. Soluble in 1.5 parts of water, the aqueous solution is neutral and slightly soluble in ethanol and acetone. relative density 2.990. melting point 570°C. low toxicity, half lethal dose (rat, oral)2750 mg/kg. Strong oxidation, friction with organic matter or impact can cause combustion or explosion. Irritation.
Applications and Usages: Analytical reagents. electron tube cathode material. Fireworks, flares, flame tubes, matches, television picture tubes and optical glass are also used in medicine.

Specification: HG/T4522-2013

ItemCatalyst gradeIndustrial grade
Sr(NO3)2%,         ≥98.598.0
Barium(Ba),%,           ≤1.01.5
Calcium(Ca),%,           ≤0.51.5
Ferric(Fe),%,            ≤0.0020.005
Heavy metal(Pb),%,         ≤0.0010.005
Water insoluble,%,          ≤0.050.10
Moisture,%,                ≤0.50.5
Strontium Nitrate