Zirconium Nitrate Trihydrate

Molecular formula: Zr (NO3)4•3H2O
Molecular weight:393.22

Physical and chemical properties:
White or colorless powdery crystal, soluble in water and ethanol, deliquescent, sealed.

Applications and Usages: For manufacturing ternary catalysts, zirconium compounds intermediates, chemical reagents.

Specification:Q/XYLH 006-2019

ItemZr(NO3)4·3H2O 2.5NZr(NO3)4·3H2O 3.0N
ZrO2%,       ≥32.0033.00
Fe2O3%,      ≤0.0010.0008
SiO2%,      ≤0.0020.001
CaO%,       ≤0.0050.001
SO42-%,       ≤0.0100.005
Cl%,        ≤0.0100.005
Na2O%,       ≤0.0050.002
PbO%,       ≤0.0020.001
Zirconium Nitrate Trihydrate